No. 9 – The Silver Lining

My shopping ban has been going beautifully so far & I feel very optimistic about it. With how much money stress I’m under with the sudden 20% decrease in our income next month & how much I’ve been thinking about money – even spending it on necessities stresses me out at the moment. So thereContinue reading “No. 9 – The Silver Lining”

No. 8 – Money Just Became More Stressful FUUCCKK

So I just learned about 20 minutes ago that we’re losing 1/5th of our income as of May 10th. Uggghhhhhhh. This is so not what I needed to hear while I’m focusing so much on & trying so hard to get out of debt. I don’t want to go into the details of why ourContinue reading “No. 8 – Money Just Became More Stressful FUUCCKK”

No. 5 – Inspired by Cait Flanders to Try A Shopping Ban

These words are some parts from the end of her book, “The Year Of Less,” as advice to people who want to try the experiment of doing a shopping ban. You can get the book on Kindle (for $1.99) or as an Audible book. I will not earn any money if you buy this book,Continue reading “No. 5 – Inspired by Cait Flanders to Try A Shopping Ban”

No. 4 – A Big Purchase: Raised Garden Bed ($160)

I let myself spend this money because my husband & I had been planning to do this for a long time. This bed (as you can probably see) is next to the stairs in the backyard. We & anyone who visits us only use these stairs (back door is so much easier to get toContinue reading “No. 4 – A Big Purchase: Raised Garden Bed ($160)”

No. 3 – Beginning the Decluttering

Isn’t it odd how getting rid of things in your space can make you feel physically, emotionally & mentally lighter? I don’t get why that happens but I really enjoy the feeling. So, as far as decluttering goes – I’ve cleaned out the storage closet. It’s the biggest closet in our house. Our house wasContinue reading “No. 3 – Beginning the Decluttering”

No. 2 – Current Debt: $5796

I just calculated up our total beginning-of-this-blog debt & it could be worse I guess… I don’t know. It certainly used to be worse. It was honestly not a huge surprise – the amount – but it certainly didn’t make me feel good, that’s for sure. I did have some bigger spends this month than I wouldContinue reading “No. 2 – Current Debt: $5796”

No. 1 – Introduction & Goals

I’m starting this blog in an attempt to keep myself accountable for my spending, my goal of getting out of debt & decluttering our home. I am not going to go full on minimalist but I’d like to do some minimizing of how much stuff is in our house & of our finances. I recentlyContinue reading “No. 1 – Introduction & Goals”