14. – Current Debt $3580 & Some Changes To Our Financial Situation

So last month our debt was at $5768. There are some reasons for it being so much lower this month: We got a $2000-ish tax refund we weren’t expecting. An extremely nice surprise! I was literally dancing around the house when I saw this show up in our bank account. I put $1000 of thisContinue reading “14. – Current Debt $3580 & Some Changes To Our Financial Situation”

No. 2 – Current Debt: $5796

I just calculated up our total beginning-of-this-blog debt & it could be worse I guess… I don’t know. It certainly used to be worse. It was honestly not a huge surprise – the amount – but it certainly didn’t make me feel good, that’s for sure. I did have some bigger spends this month than I wouldContinue reading “No. 2 – Current Debt: $5796”