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I’m K & this blog focuses on my goals of spending less, getting out of debt & decluttering our home. I’m not a minimalist but I do like some of their ideas – like minimalist finances for example. If you are on a similar path or share one of my goals, I’d love to follow along – drop me a comment or like & I will check out your blog.

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About Me

I am an artist whose mediums include watercolor painting, creative writing & photography. I hoard houseplants (I probably have 30-40 of them) who mostly live in my sunroom – where you can usually find me. It’s a tie between there & my artist studio for my favorite places to be. I am an avid reader & devour books, mostly mystery & psychological thriller novels lately. Also, I am a crazy dog lady – my husband and I have four of our own who we absolutely adore. We have been married for four and a half years & bought our first house one year ago. I have had so much fun making it our own. I also love gardening in our yard – something about interacting with the soil & plants is very grounding.

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