16. – We’ve Been Bad This Month

So I haven’t been keeping up with updating our budget this month. Eek. I plan to do better next month.

I haven’t been keeping up with this blog lately either… Once again, I plan to do better next month.

We’ve made a few bigger spends this month… My husband bought a grill. I got a massage & manicure. I joined a (cheap) gym.

I haven’t been as strict as I was being about my shopping ban.

The good news is we made an extra $100 dog-sitting a sweet pupper for a weekend.

The good news is all the credit cards we use are paid off & we have just (just… lol) $2300 left on the debt card. We should be able to pay this all off & put more into our savings before October 1st when our regular mortgage payments start up again.

The other good news is my husband gets paid in 10 days.

4 thoughts on “16. – We’ve Been Bad This Month

    1. Haha thank you for justifying my decisions for me 😉

      It is super true that since we got the grill we’ve used it almost every night. Bonus: we are vegan so we mostly grill veggies & tofu or veggie burgers. Been buying the produce at Aldi’s so pretty cheap 🙂

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      1. Ha! I am envious…I’m a vegetarian and I’ve been getting my veggie burger fixes on a small George Foreman grill…so sad. And yay for cheap veggies…Aldi is my second favorite grocery store…although tonight they burned me with a white flesh watermelon so…they might get demoted to the number 3 spot. I take watermelon very seriously.


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