12. – I Broke My Shopping Ban (But I’m Okay With It)

For more than a year I’ve absolutely hated how burgundy, dark & unnatural my hair looked from Henna-ing it over & over again for so long. I went to a chainstore salon last month (before the shopping ban) and paid $110 for them to make it look more natural. They did basically NOTHING. It looked essentially no different when I left than it had when I’d come through the door. I went back a second time (no charge this time) and they still didn’t do much. I was pissed. I was really pissed. Obviously, I will not be going back to that place again.

This is what it looked like before I did anything with it when I was so unhappy with the color:

THIS (lmao) is what it looked like after I tried to lighten & color it myself about a week ago. I spent $26.28 getting the supplies for that. However, it turned out to be a utter neon disaster:

The day after that my friend, a cosmetologist, stepped in like a goddess to help fix what I’d done to my head. We went to a store where only cosmetologists can shop (literally, you have to show them your license when you are checking out) & she fixed my hair disaster. I spent $24.73 there.

This is how it looks now & I’m happy with it. I just hope it doesn’t fade too fast because I don’t want to get stuck in the hating-how-I-look-but-also shopping-ban conundrum again. I think I’ll let myself spend a little bit of money (that friend said she’d help me with it from now on for cheap) every now & then to keep it up. It’s not a true necessity but it’s important to me & it’s not a new iPhone.

So a grand total of $51.01 of shopping ban breaking.

Aside from that, I’ve not spent any money on anything other than necessities & have been doing well with it. I hadn’t even though of breaking it until my hair was just driving me INSANE. Also I was extremely bored that day, which didn’t help at all. One very obvious trigger I’d already been warned about discovered the hard way lol. I’m trying to stick to the shopping ban still. I’m not going to let this slip up derail me. I haven’t thought of breaking it again since – I’ve just had to make a small adjustment to it.

I’m a little embarrassed to admit that I broke the shopping ban already on here.

I don’t care that my face is in the photos because I highly doubt anyone I know will stumble across this blog & you know what? If they do, they are probably also trying to get out of debt because of the tags I use – which would actually be pretty cool.

5 thoughts on “12. – I Broke My Shopping Ban (But I’m Okay With It)

  1. things happen…it’s good to plan a little extra in the budget for stuff like that( i m sure you already know that, not trying to sound contrite..lol)..i will say this and maybe it will make u feel better..i just spent $2500 on botox and fillers..yup…its on an interest free card that i can pay off over a year and i only do it every 2 years ..i feel a bit guilty but really like the effect- although for that amount i feel like i should have just had surgery…lol


    1. Haha $2500 is an unimaginable price for me to spend on anything right now – you must really be on top of your finances. How old were you when you started with the fillers etc? I’m always curious. My husband is very against me doing anything like that someday but I am a very vain person (I’ll just admit it lol) so it’s not out of the question for me eventually.


      1. actually just started 2 years ago..fillers are iffy..the first ones didnt hurt, bruise or swell..2nd time they did ( it settles down in about 2 weeks ) the botox is new for me and i loved it..i have a baby smooth forehead and less crows feet. Yes, it was expensive and if i had to go any more often i certainly couldnt, but it kind of works out to $100/month on self care and i dont do any other self care that costs money ( no nails or hair treatments or clothes, etc. ) so i can sort of justify it. My massages & chiro care are covered by my FSA and the gym is only $20 a month since i pay a year in advance which also offers tanning.I could probably cover this with the fsa as well but haven’t pursued that. I guess its all about finding ways around and excessive spending. I trim my own hair, and usually mix my own home brews of facial lotions etc from natural ingredients i get with grocery money ( coconut oil, eggs, flax seed oil , etc) which is multipurpose. Did you know in a pinch , you van even use butter to moisturize?lol…

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