11. – Onward With The Declutter

I haven’t been working on decluttering everyday but here is the progress I’ve made since the last time I posted. I am pretty proud of myself. I might work on doing more today after writing this post. It put me in the mood to keep moving forward.

I threw away one trash bag of garbage I found around – items no one would want. I also threw away all of my our old medications that we no longer take & had been hoarding for… some reason? There were A LOT of them. So that felt good & cleared up some space in the pantry.

Here are all of the items I took out my artist studio closet & put out on the curb for neighbors to take:

Here is my artist studio closet after getting rid of the items in the above photograph & doing some organizing. It was completely packed & difficult to find things in before. It looks very dull to me now though which I don’t like. I may print out some kind of artistic photograph or make a watercolor painting to hang on the back wall to make it feel less office-supply-closet-depressing-vibes.

I gave these old orchid pots to neighbors who wanted them. I used to waste OH SO MUCH money buying orchids almost every time I went to Trader Joe’s a few years ago. Eek. Regret. Though each new one would bring me so much joy – and I really needed some joy at that time.

Here are five pairs of shoes I donated to the local charity. Some of them were hard to part with because of emotional attachment – but I did it! I only have five pairs of shoes left after donating these – so half of my shoes are now gone. I have my everyday shoes, my winter boots, my rain boots, my hiking shoes & one pair of shoes for dressing up. I have everything I realistically need with those five pairs.

I sold this gymnastics mat I never use anymore – it was from my acro yoga phase – for $100. So that’s some money in my bank account! Always happy about that!

I also sold this wallet & made $35 from that… 🙂

Always more decluttering to do but there is some solid progress I think. I’ll have some updates on my shopping ban soon & also the monthly debt summary on the 10th. I am worried there won’t be much progress or that there may even be a bit of a backwards slide this month because of our 20% loss in income… eek. Anxiety. I have to remember that I am not a bad person for having debt & that I am also not my debt.

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