No. 10 – Some Inspiration For You & Me

I took a deep dive into watching Ted Talks today about decluttering & debt & one of my favorite phrases I learned from ALL the videos I watched today was, “Clutter is postponed decisions.” That particular talk was about physical, digital, mental & spiritual cutter and it really got me thinking about how much more I have to work on (not in an overwhelming way, more factually) in the other areas other than just the paying off the debt & the physically decluttering our house.

I am going to keep working on the physical clutter first, out of the different kinds of clutter she talks about, and I think it will help some with the mental & emotional clutter too, though not all of it. Debt is definitely causing me a lot of mental clutter, that is FOR SURE, but it doesn’t have to consume as much of my mental space as it has been lately.

Here is of my favorites that I encountered during my fall down the rabbit hole. Maybe you will enjoy it too.

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