No. 7 – The Start of the Shopping Ban

I actually haven’t bought anything that wouldn’t be on the approved shopping list in quite a few days but I’m deciding to count today as the first day. I’m going to aim for 30 days at first & see how that goes. If it goes well I’ll probably try to go longer. I think I might try to do these shopping bans several times a year – it seems like a good thing to do to keep my mindful shopping habits fresh in my mind.

Approved Shopping List:

  • Groceries (duh gotta eat)
  • Pet supplies (food, cat litter, AquaSafe, etc)
  • Alcohol (just being honest here lol)
  • Vaping supplies
  • Household supplies (Tide pods, dish detergent, toilet paper, trash bags, etc)
  • Anything I use a lot that breaks (phone [god forbid yikes], camera, chargers, etc)
  • Audiobooks (these keep me sane)
  • Personal hygiene products (shampoo, conditioner, tampons, sun screen, etc)
  • Eye brow makeup (my natural hair color is different than my actual hair so…)
  • Mascara
  • Incense
  • Medical care & supplies

… but ONLY after I run out of these things.

Some of the Stuff I Can’t Buy That I Waste Money On Sometimes:

  • Houseplants
  • Outdoor plants
  • Aquarium plants & fish
  • Dog toys
  • Candles (says every woman doing one of these lol)
  • Home decor
  • Other new subscriptions of any kind
  • Dining out or take out (except if a friend comes to town to visit)

I wasn’t feeling anxious about this at all, this shopping ban, until now when I’ve actually made the lists. I don’t have many excuses to leave the house or many friends & shopping is nearly the only one. I guess I’ll be taking the dogs for a lot of walks… But that’s okay. I’m quite the introvert anyway. Wish me luck! I’ll, of course, be keeping you updated (sometimes I think I keep you folks updated a bit too much lol).

If anyone reads this & is also doing or starting a shopping ban, I would love to have an accountability buddy I can message when I am feeling tempted by something… let me know if you’d be interested in that.



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