No. 6 – The Decluttering Continues

I’m still working on minimizing the amount of stuff in our house. Like I’ve said, I’m not going full on minimalist. I don’t think I’ll ever have a capsule wardrobe… but there is so much more work to be done. I’m making small steps towards it. This week I left all of this stuff out on the curb for neighbors to take. It all disappeared – which made me very happy. It turns out people are happy to drive over & take things whenever they hear there is free stuff on the curb.

I also packed up another bag of clothing to donate last night. I read somewhere that you should get rid of items that bring up bad memories up so two of the things I got rid of were in this category. One was a tie dye shirt (that I didn’t really like anyway) I’d made with a friend who later ghosted on me & the other was a scarf given to me by my high school boyfriend (things didn’t end well between us) more than 11 years ago… but it was pretty so I’d kept it – until now .

This brings my total of clothes donated up to 3 garbage bags – and I still need to go through the summer clothes in the closet & see what still fits/what I still like. The toilet paper dispensor will be one of the things that goes on the curb next time I have a batch to go out there.

I haven’t bought anything that won’t be approved on the shopping ban list in several days but I am not counting it as starting yet. I think I’ll officially start it when I post my list of approved items on here – though I am still planning on sticking with only approved items until then. The longer I can stretch out this shopping ban, the more our financial situation will improve.



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