No. 4 – A Big Purchase: Raised Garden Bed ($160)

I let myself spend this money because my husband & I had been planning to do this for a long time. This bed (as you can probably see) is next to the stairs in the backyard. We & anyone who visits us only use these stairs (back door is so much easier to get to then the front) so it feels good to make the space look better.

I wish I had a photo of what it looked like before. Again, I had no idea I’d be starting a blog back then at all. I put a tarp over the space, intending to put the the new raised bed here in the spring, to kill the weeds & grass growing in this space back in the autumn.

It took eight bags of garden soil, two raised bed bricks & a piece of cut lumber to build. I’d bought the Columbine flowers to put in here weeks ago. I’d been keeping them in my sunroom & trying to keep the their soil moist. Despite my efforts, they’re a little worse for the wear & lost so many flowers & petals. I’m hoping they’ll perk up now they’re outside in some good soil & no longer root bound.

My mother tells me that Columbine spreads like wildfire so I’m hoping next summer we’ll have a whole bed full of beautiful Columbine flowers. I only plant perennials because I don’t want to waste money on plants that are going to need to be replaced every year. I picked the Columbine because I loved the colors & because the shapes of the flowers remind me of long ballet skirts.

So yeah, while I do feel guilty about spending the money, I feel like this was money well spent.

Below are photographs of the garden above it that I’ve been working on since last summer – they are up the ramp you can see a bit in the photos of the new bed.

These four 5’x 5′ garden beds with a gravel path between them came with the house when we bought it a year ago. I’ve always loved the space & the Jasmine vines around the arches. I’ve been working on the four garden squares up there – pulling weeds, adding plants & mulching – for the past year. I just want to give you a look. It might explain why I wanted to add this raised bed beneath it instead of just having weeds down there & one little Camilla bush at the back.

The peony bushes you can see beginning to bloom in one of the beds are the two I talked about in a previous post.

So there you have it – the new raised bed & the old ones.

Have you been trying to spend less but still spent money on something you had been planning to do for a long time?



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