No. 3 – Beginning the Decluttering

Isn’t it odd how getting rid of things in your space can make you feel physically, emotionally & mentally lighter? I don’t get why that happens but I really enjoy the feeling.

So, as far as decluttering goes – I’ve cleaned out the storage closet. It’s the biggest closet in our house. Our house was built in 1915 (old house charm) so most of the closets are quite small. I also cleaned out my jewelry box – taking many, many costume jewelry pieces I never wore & finding them new homes.

I don’t buy into the idea that our worth as humans is tied to how productive we are AT ALL but it did feel pretty good to clean out the storage closet. There is so much more space in there now. It made me want to continue with the decluttering – it was very motivating to see the difference in the before & after. Decluttering the jewelry box was a little bit harder.

I kept thinking, “But I might want to wear this someday & I already paid for it…”

Then kept telling myself, “You’ve had this for years/months etc & haven’t worn it once…”

But once the jewelry box & storage closet were cleaned out, I did feel lighter. It made me want to do more decluttering – which I may do tomorrow.

I wasn’t expecting to be documenting this experience for anyone but myself at the time (blog idea hadn’t yet been planted) so excuse the shitty iPhone photo of what I got rid of from the storage closet. The two garbage bags of clothing I donated are not in this photo.

So far I have gotten rid of/donated:

2 garbage bags of clothes to a thrift store (I wanted to give them to a women’s shelter but none of them are taking clothing donations right now because of covid so… thrift store it was)

3 garbage bags of bed linens we had been holding onto but never used anymore to a men’s homeless shelter

A variety of items which I put by our curb & posted as “come take what you want, leave what you don’t” on the Nextdoor App. Everything but one item got a new home. The one that was left was very specific & a thrift store wouldn’t take it so I just ended up throwing it away (sorry, planet…)

A lot of trash that was in the closet (garbage bin… again, sorry mama earth)

This is a photo of what I put out on the curb for neighbors to take – sorry, another shit iPhone photo. Now that I am actually documenting these things for myself I will start using my real camera (as I did in this post made today).

But once the jewelry box & storage closet were cleaned out, I felt lighter.

  • Have you been decluttering lately? How do you feel about it?
  • Do you have a hard time letting items go sometimes? What’s your biggest challenge?
  • What’s your goal with decluttering – what lead you to start doing it now? Why now?
  • Where/how have you been getting rid of your unwanted items?
  • Have you done a big declutter before? How did that go? Did the clutter creep back in?

What goals are you working on & how are you doing with them? If any of them are similar to mine, I’d love to follow along on your blog.



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