No. 2 – Current Debt: $5796

I just calculated up our total beginning-of-this-blog debt & it could be worse I guess… I don’t know. It certainly used to be worse. It was honestly not a huge surprise – the amount – but it certainly didn’t make me feel good, that’s for sure. I did have some bigger spends this month than I would normally have – there was an expensive cardiologist appointment for my baby (who happens to be a small dog lol) but we don’t have to go back for another nine months, thank goddess. And I’ve been buying plants for the backyard including two peony bushes. I’ve wanted peony bushes for so long & they are so hard to find for sale where we live so… yeah, I bought them… They cost about $100 each. 

But really there is not much of an excuse for the rest of the money I spent – at least not most of it besides gas & groceries. The amount on my credit card – the one I use when I shop – is just still too high. There was still a balance on it passed over from last month – which really isn’t any better because that means I spent too much before too.

We have four cards:

  • Mine
  • One for utility bills, medical supplies, prescriptions & subscriptions
  • My husband’s
  • The 16 month 0% APR card we did balance transfers to in December to start paying down our debt without interest – which we have already paid down by about $4723 since then (in part thanks to the stimulus checks here in the US).

For a while, I don’t know exactly how long, I am going to spend as LITTLE as I possibly can in order to help this whole situation. We are building a small raised garden bed that we’ve been planning to build for a long time & I already bought the plants for tomorrow but other than that… as little as possible for as long as I can.

I am going to encourage my husband, who does the grocery shopping most of the time, to buy as much of his grocery list at Aldi’s and to only buy other things he can’t get there at other places. If you don’t know what Aldi’s is – it’s the cheapest groceries around here in America (as far as I know).

Other than that I am not sure what else to say. I. Just. Need. To. Spend. Less.

Cheers & yikes,


10 thoughts on “No. 2 – Current Debt: $5796

  1. Wow, I think $5796 is not bad at all! I don’t know why I was under the impression that you were in much more debt. It also looks like you paid off a lot of it already since the start of this year so I have a lot of confidence that you’ll get this down to $0 in no time!

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    1. Thank you for your kind & encouraging comment on my post!

      That’s just for the credit cards right now. I have $18,000 in student loan debt (luckily my husband doesn’t have any student loans) but we are just going to ignore that for now because in three years his income will be about four times what it is now (he’s currently a resident physician [still training as a doctor – not well paid at all] but in three years he will be done with his training & will be earning real doctor money. I am very lucky for that. I hope I can get it down to $0 soon but with his current income & me not being able to work due to medical reasons it may take a hot minute.

      I’ve been trying to comment on your blog but I just got a new domain name so I am waiting until that connects to my site (not sure how all of these things work, newbie on here).

      I wanted to tell you that I really like your blog – I’ve read a bunch of your posts. I’m sorry you didn’t get the house you wanted last month. I hope I got that right? I read that one yesterday I think & my memory is pretty garbage due to some medications I have to take. When we were house hunting last spring & summer it was so disappointing (maybe even slightly soul crushing) at times. One of them was when we found this absolutely STUNNING house on the side of a MOUNTAIN that came with acres of beautiful forest behind it. But it was priced too good to be true & EPICALLY failed inspection so we couldn’t get it. Literally almost everything that can turn up badly on an inspection did. We were pretty disappointed.

      I’m really hoping you can find/get a home you love soon.


      1. Yay, the gangs all here. *waves* Hey Avery!

        So…K, I already like you so I’m gonna be a good blogger friend and ask the question this post demands be asked: Where is your budget?

        You don’t have to post it online. (That can be awkward and super uncomfortable.) But you need to have one. For a couple of reasons:

        1) To know where your money is supposed to go – Each month, if you have a regular paycheck, you should know how much much you have to budget for debt repayment, groceries, etc. Budgets are flexible, you can make adjustments as needs arise (like taking care of dem babies).
        2) To know where your money has gone – I know that it can be comforting to only have a vague idea of where your money has gone. But part of taking responsibility for your spending is acknowledging where it has gone. In your first post, I heard a lot of the guilty a lot of folks who have been financially irresponsible in their past carry. (Hi, my name is AP and I’ve been financially irresponsible). But moving forward, if you want how you attitude and behavior to change, you have to acknowledge where it goes. And this is even more important because…
        3) You have a relatively small debt and expect a huge increase in income in the not so distant future as a result of Dr. K becoming an attending. This is a really good moment to make the important changes so that once your family’s income increases you have a plan for it…otherwise, if nothing really changes, its like to go the same way as money has in the past.

        Again, I already like you. You seem lovely.

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      2. The budget is the plan I don’t have. Any good advice for an app to use? YNAB is too expensive for me. I might try Mint. Thanks for this. I had (somehow lmao) forgotten about a budget…


      3. Oh, gotcha! I like your one step at a time approach in tackling your debt instead of getting overwhelmed. I’m glad you’re making a plan far in advance for your student loans 🙂

        Yes, the housing market is just unfortunate right now, hopefully we’ll have better luck soon. Or maybe you already found a home after your disappointing ordeal? If that’s the case congrats to you and hopefully better luck for me.

        And I don’t know how you’re calling yourself a newbie, Your site looks beautiful!


      4. We got out house a year ago. I hope you find your home soon & you love it to pieces. 🙂

        And thank you for the compliment about my site. I spent a long time tinkering with the astetic of it & googling CSS codes to fix things I didn’t like about the design… lol


  2. “The budget is the plan I don’t have.” Lol what are pfin blogger friends for if not to interrogate you about the status of your budget.

    “Any good advice for an app to use? YNAB is too expensive for me. I might try Mint.” Honestly, I don’t use any of the apps. I have found it takes far too much time to make them work the way I want. I am pretty low tech and just use an Excel spreadsheet (I have friends who use Google Spreadsheets to access their budget anywhere). Honestly, I think setting one up like this and just figuring out what your monthly income and expenditures are is the best way to start. And then just be patient with yourself and keep at it.

    I challenge you to create one for May!


    1. I actually won today by setting up mint 🙂 I think it’ll work well for me. May challenge: completed on April 18th (lol I think that’s the date today). Thanks for pushing me – I really did need to make a budget & just genuinely somehow hadn’t thought of it this time. I appreciate the “interrogation” lol I needed it. I’ve tried keeping budgets in the past but it’s never stuck. So maybe the May challenge is to keep doing it & not give up? 🙂

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