No. 1 – Introduction & Goals

I’m starting this blog in an attempt to keep myself accountable for my spending, my goal of getting out of debt & decluttering our home. I am not going to go full on minimalist but I’d like to do some minimizing of how much stuff is in our house & of our finances.

I recently read this article on financial minimalism that gave me many good ideas but I don’t plan to follow each of them – for example, with the goal of getting out of debt sooner rather than later, the idea of investing money right now just doesn’t make sense.

My husband & I got into debt because we, acknowledging our privilege here, were used to  having a financial buffer. His parents had set up a stock account for him when he was a child so when we went over on our credit cards while he was in school he’d just sell some stocks & everything would be good again.

Close to when we ran out of money from the stocks, my dad died. It was a terrible time, obviously. I am not going to get into writing about that here but it was fucking horrible. He had life insurance (which no one knew about until after he passed) so I, along with my siblings, got money from the insurance company. So, one again, my husband & I had a buffer. I burnt through most of that life insurance money in ways I am ashamed of – with way too many Amazon purchases, buying other items I did not need, etc. I feel terrible guilt just thinking of how pointlessly I blew through that money.

But now our buffers have been used up. We are in credit card debt, which is not uncommon in America – I’ve read a statistic that says that says the average American household is in $5,315 of credit card debt. The number varies by what studies you look at but I will just go with that one for now… so why am I ashamed to fully own this blog with my real name and not just one letter on the internet? Because there is still so much stigma around debt in our culture. 

Call me a coward. I don’t want people we know in real life nosing into our finances – but it’s fine for strangers on the internet to do. I’ll be bringing you number & updates on numbers etc in future blog posts. Hopefully as the numbers go down down down lol.

I know I am spending more than I should be on things I don’t need.

The debt overwhelms me whenever I think about it. It’s a weight I carry & I so so so thoroughly wish I hadn’t been so stupid about the spending that got us into debt in the first place.

So there is the basic story.

If you are are in a similar situation – working on decluttering or beginning a journey towards minimalism, clawing your way out of debt or trying to spend less – or are just interested, give me a follow or leave a comment on this post & I will check out your blog. As I start this blog one of my hopes is to find others to relate to & we can cheer each other on with our similar goal(s).



3 thoughts on “No. 1 – Introduction & Goals

  1. The sentiment shared in this post feels so familiar…like someone describe a friend or acquaintance. Thank your honesty. Blogs like this always make me feel that much less alone. I look forward to reading, and supporting, your journey. – AP

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    1. It’s so fitting because I knew I wasn’t alone but I felt alone & that’s most of the reason I started this blog. I’m glad I’m here to make you feel less alone & vice versa.


  2. Everyone has a back story, especially with getting into debt. And that means there is more than one way to get out of it as well. i love reading blogs by others like this because i always learn something new, see new perspectives and get to ask questions when i need to..thanks for the post and letting me know about your blog!


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