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16. – We’ve Been Bad This Month

So I haven’t been keeping up with updating our budget this month. Eek. I plan to do better next month. I haven’t been keeping up with this blog lately either… Once again, I plan to do better next month. We’ve made a few bigger spends this month… My husband bought a grill. I got a massage & manicure. I joined a (cheap) gym. I haven’t been as strict as I was being about my shopping ban. The good news is we made an extra $100 dog-sitting a sweet pupper for a weekend. The good news is all the credit cards…

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15. – May Budget Review & Shopping Ban Updates

So first of all, I am still doing gloriously with my shopping ban. I haven’t bought anything unnecessary – & I haven’t even been tempted to. When I first started the shopping ban I was extremely nervous – even just writing the post on here officially committing to it – but it’s been so much easier than I expected it to be. I have noticed that I don’t really miss buying things. It’s always fun but the high from the new item doesn’t last long & then I (and I think a lot of other people) go on to buy…

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14. – Current Debt $3580 & Some Changes To Our Financial Situation

So last month our debt was at $5768. There are some reasons for it being so much lower this month: We got a $2000-ish tax refund we weren’t expecting. An extremely nice surprise! I was literally dancing around the house when I saw this show up in our bank account. I put $1000 of this into our savings account – so now we finally have a little emergency fund!  We took advantage of a Covid relief forbearance program with our mortgage company for 3 months so we do not have to make the payments until the end of the 3…

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13. – May Budget (My First Go At Budgeting)

Thank you so much to Ms. Afro Penny for challenging me to make a budget for May. I don’t know how I didn’t think of making a budget when I made this blog. It’s the most basic idea when trying to take control of your finances & yet somehow it just floated right past me. So seriously, thank you, Penny. I based this budget off of last month’s spending on necessities. Everyone’s budget is different but for us this is current bare bones necessities for now – which is almost our entire income at the moment. I feel totally comfortable sharing it…

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12. – I Broke My Shopping Ban (But I’m Okay With It)

For more than a year I’ve absolutely hated how burgundy, dark & unnatural my hair looked from Henna-ing it over & over again for so long. I went to a chainstore salon last month (before the shopping ban) and paid $110 for them to make it look more natural. They did basically NOTHING. It looked essentially no different when I left than it had when I’d come through the door. I went back a second time (no charge this time) and they still didn’t do much. I was pissed. I was really pissed. Obviously, I will not be going back…

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11. – Onward With The Declutter

I haven’t been working on decluttering everyday but here is the progress I’ve made since the last time I posted. I am pretty proud of myself. I might work on doing more today after writing this post. It put me in the mood to keep moving forward. I threw away one trash bag of garbage I found around – items no one would want. I also threw away all of my our old medications that we no longer take & had been hoarding for… some reason? There were A LOT of them. So that felt good & cleared up some…

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No. 10 – Some Inspiration For You & Me

I took a deep dive into watching Ted Talks today about decluttering & debt & one of my favorite phrases I learned from ALL the videos I watched today was, “Clutter is postponed decisions.” That particular talk was about physical, digital, mental & spiritual cutter and it really got me thinking about how much more I have to work on (not in an overwhelming way, more factually) in the other areas other than just the paying off the debt & the physically decluttering our house. I am going to keep working on the physical clutter first, out of the different…

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No. 9 – The Silver Lining

My shopping ban has been going beautifully so far & I feel very optimistic about it. With how much money stress I’m under with the sudden 20% decrease in our income next month & how much I’ve been thinking about money – even spending it on necessities stresses me out at the moment. So there hasn’t, so far, been even an miligram of temptation to buy anything other than the basics we need. On an amazing note, my husband & I seem to FINALLY be on the same page about spending now that the reality of a 20% drop in…

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